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Novaskin Ceramic Kit

Ceramic set


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The Novaskin ceramic kit is a high performance ceramic coating. The product is manufactured in such a way that it chemically bonds to automotive surfaces. It crosslinks at room temperature and does not require an infrared lamp or a UV lamp.
The coating self-assembles to surfaces, creating a thin, tough hydrophobic protection. It limits the adhesion of aqueous compounds to the treated surfaces and facilitates the flow of water. Dirt and dust are washed away by rain or high pressure water jet.

This coating provides a smooth feel to treated surfaces and has a lower surface energy than paint and plastics.

The ceramic of this kit is durable over time. It protects surfaces from chemical substances with a pH between 2 (acid) and 13 (alkaline).
It is also resistant to rubbing and retains its properties after many washes.
Subjected to ultraviolet radiation (UV-C), the shine and color of the protected surfaces are not affected.

The Novaskin ceramic kit consists of:

  • 1 ceramic bottle (50cl)
  • 5 wipes,
  • 1 buffer squeegee,
  • 1 microfiber cloth.


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