Paint Protection Film

Thanks to our experience in the field of protective films (PPF) for the automotive industry, Jeatson has developed an innovative concept of precut kits combining quality and aesthetics.

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For your Car

For your Furniture

For your Motorcycle

For your Boat

For your Jetski

For your Bike


Discover the BodyFence X, the new generation of protective film, also called PPF (Paint Protection Film). High quality and made in France, the BodyFence X is self-healing.

Thus, its technology provides long-lasting protection against external aggressions such as:

  • Scratches and micro-scratches
  • Rubbing, vandalism
  • Projections of gravel, insects and bird droppings
  • Weathering, oxidation and UV rays

In addition, its hydrophobic and oleophobic properties prevent dirt from adhering and facilitate cleaning. The protection can be complete or partial to protect the most exposed areas. Available in matte or glossy.

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Ideal for people who make short trips or infrequent trips. Protects the front bumper OR the rear bumper.


Protect the most exposed parts of your vehicle’s body with our essential pack. It covers your front AND rear bumper.


An economical alternative solution to protect 1/3 of your bodywork. Includes the front bumper, 1/3 of the hood, 1/3 of the front fender, mirrors and optics.


Perfect protection for new or LOA vehicles. Allows you to protect the entire front face of your vehicle’s body (front bumper, bonnet, fenders, mirrors, optical headlights depending on the model).

Premium +

Ideal for new vehicles or LOA. A pack for enthusiasts that fully protects the front end as well as the rear bumper.

PPF in all forms

We protect all types of goods from external aggressions. In addition to automobiles, the PPF is available on different medias. Here are some examples:


Protect your bike from splashes during your mountain bike outings, avoid any scratches related to stones crossed on our way.


With the Paint Protection Film adhesive film, protect your cases, your tank, your mudguards from daily wear and tear.


Preserve your marine furniture during your marine escapades. With the PPF, it is protected from scratches caused by the friction of your belongings when your boat follows the swell or lists with the winds.


Your tables, your countertops need to be protected from daily wear and tear. A knife, a key, all it takes is daily wear and clumsiness.

If you have any questions or want to know if you can protect your property, we would be happy to help you.