PPF installation: Transparent protective film

Protection at its highest level

Jeatson applies Hexis protective film, also called PPF (Paint Protection Film). High quality and made in France, our film is self-healing and ultra transparent.

Its technology provides long-lasting protection against external aggressions such as:

  • Scratches and micro-scratches
  • Rubbing, vandalism
  • Projections of gravel, insects and bird droppings
  • Weathering, oxidation and UV rays

In addition, its hydrophobic and oleophobic properties prevent dirt from adhering and facilitate cleaning. The protection can be complete or partial to protect the most exposed areas. Available in matte or glossy.

Ultra transparent protection

Adjustable, the PPF adapts perfectly to the shapes of your vehicle. Once applied, the film becomes imperceptible.

Splash guard

Your car is preserved from all scratches due to external aggressions…

Self-healing film

The Bodyfence X regenerates itself. Its self-healing properties erase superficial marks.


We install the Discovery Pack, with a choice of front or rear bumper protection to protect the side most exposed to external aggression.

From 338,40 € VAT included*.


Protect the most exposed parts of your bodywork with the installation of our essential package. It covers your front AND rear bumper.

From € 666 including VAT*.


Protect the front of your car with our Ultra pack. Jeatson will put the complete front panel on.

From 975,60 € TTC*

Premium +

Ideal for all types of vehicles. A pack for enthusiasts that fully protects the front end as well as the rear bumper.

From 1281,60 € VAT included*.



(complete installation)

Jeatson offers you the perfect protection for new or leased vehicles. The protective film allows you to protect your entire bodywork.

Starting at 3600 € INCL. VAT*.

*According to our installation centers

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