Discover our Novaskin ceramic

Professional quality automotive treatment.

  • Sustainable
  • Smooth
  • Water repellent

Novaskin Ceramic is a high quality coating manufactured for professionals. Specially designed for automotive surfaces. It reticles at room temperature and does not require a lamp, infrared or UV lamp.

The coating self-assembles to surfaces, creating a thin, tough hydrophobic protection. It limits the adhesion of aqueous compounds to the treated surfaces and facilitates the flow of water. Dirt and dust are washed away by rain or high pressure water jet.

It also provides a smooth feel and provides lighter surface energy to aid in vehicle decontamination.

Resistant to rubbing, it retains its quality after many washes and protects against chemical substances whose pH is between 2 (acid) and 13 (alkaline).

State: liquid 50mL
Light color
Density: 0.85 – 0.95
Storage: Keep away from heat and sunlight

Novaskin Jeatson can be applied on automotive varnishes, plastics and polycarbonates.

Store in a cool, dry place.
1 year shelf life (before opening). It should be used as soon as possible after opening.

Novaskin ceramic kit installation tutorial