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Protection film expert !

Our expertise
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Thanks to our experience in the field of protective films (P.P.F) for the automotive industry, Jeatson has developed an innovative concept of pre-cut kit combining quality and aesthetics.

The products that we distribute are meticulously tested and proven to perform under the harshest conditions while maintaining the best possible appearance.

Trust Jeatson to be the best protection solution.


The ideal solution to protect your visitors and employees.

  • Powerful

    kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus
  • Extended

    24/7 up to 5 years
  • Express

    acts immediately

This antimicrobial film is a relevant and reliable tool to meet health and safety requirements 24/7

Pure Zone antimicrobial film kills 99.9% of bacteria and virus such as:

  1. Coronavirus
  2. Salmonella
  3. Listeria
  4. Staphylococcus
  5. E Coli
  6. MRSA
  7. Pseudomonas

Where can it be applied?

  1. Quick, economical application without disrupting your spaces
    work or stop your activity.
  2. Easy to clean these films are smooth and slippery.
  3. 100% waterproof.
  4. In any universe under health constraints: clean rooms,
    clean rooms, cold rooms.
  5. Compatible with your majority resistant cleaning protocol
    chemicals alcoholic agent, acid diluents or oil.
  6. These films are glued through an adhesive under acrylic pressure, the adhesive is permanent after 24 hours.
  7. Made in France.
  8. International patent. Do you want to see the certificate ? Ask us.

The Pure Zone label

So that your customers, your staff, your partners can identify the areas protected by the antimicrobial film, Hexis has created the Pure Zone label, which can be placed on doors, counters, display cases, tables, thus indicating: Antimicrobial protection in your premises

How does PURE ZONE work?


Germs need moisture to proliferate. Hexis film is waterproof and a moisture barrier.

When manufacturing PVC film with Hexis silver ions encapsulated in a glass matrix are evenly distributed
in the film

This is a decisive innovation
  1. During cleaning operations, but also in the presence moisture silver ions are released from the
    layer superficial film.
  2. Ions come into contact with blocking bacteria their metabolism and / or interrupting their
    multiplication leading to their destruction.


It is composed of microorganisms and a mucous
layer requiring action mechanical cleaning.

The management of the biofilm involves:
  1. Reducing the microbial load by vigorous cleaning to eliminate bacteria dormant
  2. Prevention of reformation biofilm (for example by silver ions that destroy them so-called planktonic
    bacteria solitary and free floating)

Who we are

Passionate about cars, in 2003 we opened our first auto detailing center on the French Riviera. Building on this experience, in 2006 the adventure took us to the Middle East.

Our choice very quickly fell on Dubai, dream destination, modern and avant-garde design city with its exceptional car fleet. We had the ambition to serve a demanding clientele in a region with extreme conditions, where no detail is left to chance.

Jeatson concept was born from this experience acquired during all these years. Today all these years of Research & Development are available in our workshops in France.

The combination, materials and technical installation allow us to offer protection kits to the public whether in the automotive sector, healthcare, furniture and much more.

They believe in us

We showed our expertise to these companies
and they don’t regret it.

Who we are

Jeatson team is all yours to answer any questions and we do all we can to respond to your wishes.

Happy to share our expertise with you.


  • Can I track my order ?
  • If there is a problem with my order, who should I contact?
  • How long does it take for my order to arrive?
  • Why choose a lamination composed of antimicrobial agents?
  • How long does Film Pure Zone last?
  • How will my customers know where Pure Zone Antimicrobial Film has been applied?
  • Are there any contraindications for Film Pure Zone in contact with the skin?
  • Can I clean a surface with Pure Zone Antimicrobial Film?
  • What are the certifications received for the product?
  • Does Jeatson take care of the installation of the Pure Zone Film during delivery?


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    For more information, contact us at the office or our commercial department.

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